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工作區域 4@1.5x.png
Internship project: Logo design for the design system


10 Days

My Role

Graphic Designer


Adobe illustrator


The head of design asked me to design a logo for the upcoming design system called "Apollo". Meanwhile, NASA's Project Apollo logo was given as a reference. The head of design suggested starting with the concepts of the company spirit which are robot, rocketship, and unicorn


Design Iteration

Although a sample logo was already given, I still started with various styles of designs and came out with some conceptual ideas to explore more possibilities and move forward from.

Artboard 13@1.5x.png
Vector logos composed of simple shapes 
Doodle style logos
工作區域 23@1.5x.png
Artboard 9@1.5x.png
Abstract rocketship concept composed of simple lines
Vector illustrations of the combination of rocketship and robot/unicorn 
工作區域 23_1@1.5x.png

Robot/Unicorn in a Rocketship

After discussing with the design lead, we decided to move forward with the idea of a unicorn/robot on a rocketship. But the design lead hoped it to be less stylized than the initial ones.

I modified the last version to doodle style and applied colors to have a better understanding of the final looks.

工作區域 21@1.5x.png

Printed Matter

After discussing with the design lead, he expected something looks printable and like a patch as the NASA Apollo logo.

工作區域 25@1.5x.png
Artboard 15@1.5x.png

I tried to make the rocketship more realistic and added more details. A circle border also created a more printable look.

Brand Colors

The design lead then asked me to apply our brand colors to the last versions.

Artboard 19@1.5x.png
Artboard 17@1.5x.png
Artboard 18@1.5x.png

Final outcome

Although the final design was still not determined while I left the company, I did the final modifications and turned in the 3 versions that I liked the most.

Artboard 1 copy 複本@1.5x.png
Artboard 1@1.5x.png
Artboard 1 copy 2@1.5x.png
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