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Space travel booking process 

A design challenge of creating a user experience for space travel booking process.




3 Days

A new opportunity has arisen in travel. Space Y has started booking two types of trips, Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and International Space Station tourism. Our company TravelX, already a leader in airplane, hotels and tours (like Expedia), has been selected as a key partner for this launch. Your job as a designer is to create an easy and exciting booking process to allow our customers the utmost in confidence and ease in creating their perfect space journey. Don’t forget all of the connections and other opportunities that this might create.

Our product managers have taken a look at the opportunity and think that creating an app just for this process is the right way to go. Initial research into the target customers indicates that they are likely to engage deeply with a custom app and spend a lot of time creating the perfect opportunity.


Deliver the excitement of space trips through the booking process

Create more opportunities for these tours to be known.

Provide an easy process to complete the orders quickly



A clear introduction page with simple motion design to showcase the idea of flowing in the space


​The social media sharing feature provides the opportunity of promoting the tours by the users.

Frame 2.png


Provide more payment options for large amount transactions  such as pay in check option


An image or animation of rocketship will be launching alongside the booking process 

X - 19.png
X - 11.png


After booking the tickets, guide the users to book the flights to the launching location to integrate the whole tour and create more opportunities for the company.  


Provide the sharing feature on the completion screen to share their plan and create promoting opportunities on social network platforms  


iPhone 8 - 1.png
iPhone 8 - 2.png
X - 4.png
X - 2.png
X - 3.png
X - 20.png

Design decision

X - 9.png
X - 15.png

With multiple layers, the hierarchy of the information is more clear.

The box color of the ticket summary should be different from the check image box below since they present different types of information.

X - 19.png
X - 21.png

​User Flow

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